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Extend 2 year warranty to:


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Peacelily Adjustable Bed

Peacelily Mattress Topper

Starting from $1,399.00

Peacelily Adjustable Bed
Peacelily Adjustable Bed
Peacelily Adjustable Bed
Peacelily Adjustable Bed
Peacelily Adjustable Bed
Peacelily Adjustable Bed
Peacelily Adjustable Bed
Peacelily Adjustable Bed
Peacelily Adjustable Bed
Peacelily Adjustable Bed

Peacelily Adjustable Bed

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Extend 2 year warranty to:

Why choose this:

The Peacelily Adjustable Bed is a bed base that you can adjust for better comfort and sleep.

Popular Features
  1. Unlimited full body adjustment
  2. Zero-G, Anti-Snore, TV & Reading positions
  3. 9 massage modes for both head and foot motors
  4. Under bed LED lighting
  5. Natural & Organic materials
  6. All in one support, no bed frame or foundation required
  7. Wireless remote control (Split Super King has two remotes, one for each side of the bed)
Free shipping

Free Shipping & Returns

2 Year warranty

2 Year

Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Sleep Now, Pay Later. Interest Free.

Better For Your Sleep, Better For The Earth

Handcrafted from high quality, natural materials to provide you with premium comfort while keeping our products sustainable. Improve your sleep without polyurethane foams, memory foams, chemical flame retardants or harmful chemical adhesives.

Natural & Organic Materials

The Peacelily Adjustable Bed uses a layer of Natural Latex and Organic Cotton fabric to replace the standard PU foam and polyester fabric. This removes toxic chemicals, adds flexibility and provides extra pressure-relief.

Zero Gravity Position

This position balances the effect of gravity across your body. With less pressure the heart does not work as hard to circulate blood which increases lung capacity, blood oxygen levels and spinal decompression.

Interactive Massage Units

Target aches & pains directly with dual acting massage settings. With 9 different massage settings for both head and foot massages, you have maximum customisability. Get a better night's sleep tonight!

Peacelily Adjustable Bed


Adjust Head Position

By elevating your head, you allow for better air flow as you open up your breathing passages, which may improve your sleep and reduce snoring.

Adjust Leg Position

Improve your blood circulation and soothe your tired and aching feet, by elevating your feet. This also allows you to reduce the pressure on your lower spine.

Anti-Snore Position

Sleeping in a position that promotes open airways and unrestricted breathing is not only better on the ears of a partner, roommate, or neighbour, but it's also better for your health.

Head and Foot Massage

Dual zone vibrating motors, the choice of head massage, foot massage, or both. With 3 massage modes and 3 massage intensity levels for each mode, you'll be on your way to dream land in no time.

Split Super King adjustability

The Split Super King comes with 2 wireless remotes. Either you can synchronise them to sleep in the same position on both sides of the bed, or you can keep them separate and have individual adjustability.

LED lighting to light your way

No more stumbling around in the dark. At the touch of a button, softly lit LED lights underneath your bed will gently light your way to your bed danger free.

Peacelily Adjustable Bed
Peacelily Adjustable Bed


Peacelily Adjustable Bed
Peacelily Adjustable Bed

Long Single

91cm x 203cm x 19cm (low) / 31cm (mid) / 43cm (high) - 49 kg

King Single

106cm x 203cm x 19cm (low) / 31cm (mid) / 43cm (high) - 53 kg


137cm x 188cm x 19cm (low) / 31cm (mid) / 43cm (high) - 61 kg


152cm x 203cm x 19cm (low) / 31cm (mid) / 43cm (high) - 69 kg

Split Super King

182cm x 203cm x 19cm (low) / 31cm (mid) / 43cm (high) - 49 kg x 2
2 x Long Single (2 Boxes)


Peacelily Adjustable Bed

Free Shipping & Returns

Our Peacelily Adjustable Bed arrives packed as an Adjustable-Bed-in-a-box and will be delivered directly to your front door free of charge to all areas in New Zealand.


Rest assured: You’re buying a handmade product meant to last. Every Peacelily Adjustable Bed features a 2 year limited warranty — and assistance from our friendly staff.


Peacelily products are crafted with premium quality, natural materials that are sustainably sourced. No chemicals such as flame retardants or fumigation are added - enjoy only the most natural, healthy sleep.


Big enough to make a difference, small enough to care.

We test all our products in our own factory to make sure you get the best sleep quality with no markups.

Built on trust - No Middle Men and No BS

No need for an expensive sales team. Just amazing quality products, an innovative supply chain and a transparent website.

We're passing on the savings direct to you!

No overpriced stores, just high quality, natural products at an amazing price. We work hard to give you back the benefits.


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