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“A good night’s sleep is a key factor in maintaining your health and protecting your immune system.”
- Mayo Clinic Health System

Tailored Comfort Feel

We know comfort significantly impacts the quality of your sleep. Extraordinary comfort should not be a luxury, and we have made it accessible through products that offer a full range of comfort feels; plush, medium and firm. Combine the cuddle-like feel of a plush latex topper with the medium side of the mattress and the fluffy kapok pillow for a soft sleep haven. If you prefer more support during sleep, the firm topper, firm side of the latex mattress or latex pillow alone or all altogether could be your perfect sleep solution. You can customise the sleep set to perfectly suit your comfort needs, helping you achieve revitalising sleep.

healthy sleep mattress

Superior Latex Support

Natural rubber latex is a brilliant sleep surface because of the springy nature of latex foam which allows your body to relax on top as you sleep. This makes it the ideal material for all sleep positions through the night by providing the perfect support for your body's natural alignment. As your body settles into your preferred sleep position, the supportive nature of latex leads to minimal body movement and a restful night's sleep.

healthy sleep mattress

Good for You and the Environment

Our vision for health is strongly rooted in social responsibility. We wanted to create sleep products that will contribute to human health without harming the environment. Our products are safe and non-toxic as our products are made using the highest quality natural & organic materials and contain no potentially harmful polyurethane or memory foams. The Peace Lily green chain begins with harvesting hand-tapped sap from rubber trees which also happen to be carbon emission reduction heroes. The production process involves the use of biomass boilers, wood fuel and recycled water. You then complete the chain by buying a latex mattress so durable it is covered by a 25 year warranty, eliminating the need for frequent replacement. Sleep even better knowing your Peace Lily purchase is a conscious decision supporting your health and a sustainable planet.

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