Premium Quality Latex With Lush Covers


We wanted to deliver a natural mattress with the kind of superior luxury comfort that most people pay several thousand dollars for. It had to compare with the New Zealand's most expensive mattresses, yet still be affordable and natural. After much research and development, we have combined the most comfortable materials into one to give you a sleep that will make you never want to leave your bed again.

Luxurious Latex Plus Back Support

We aimed to make sure that our natural mattress provided the most luxurious comfort possible, by using the most perfect natural latex foam and comfiest organic fabric available. After many months of intense research and development, we were able to create a product that combined the highest performance, texture and aesthetic standards into one product. Our aim has been achieved and now you can sleep on your Peace Lily Mattress knowing that you are spending a third of your life on the most natural, comfortable mattress possible.

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Two Firmness Levels

We have engineered the Peace Lily Latex Mattress so that there are 2 carefully selected firmness levels on the mattress for you to choose from. These firmness levels have been designed to suit your comfort preference no matter who you are.. just flip your mattress. On the top side of the mattress there is a gentle medium comfort level (M symbol), and the bottom side has a firm comfort level (F symbol). The gentle medium is most suited for side sleepers, and the firm is most suited for back sleepers. Take your pick.

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Lush Organic Cotton Covers

For a luxurious and premium finish, each of our natural mattresses comes wrapped in a organic cotton fabric. We use high-density threading (350gsm) to ensure that our luxury comfort latex foams are matched with superior comfort fabrics. Rest assured, you will be enjoying some of the highest quality comfort that money can buy while keeping your surroundings 100% natural!

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Peace Lily Mattress

The standard for healthy sleep

Peace Lily Adjustable Bed

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Peace Lily Mattress Topper

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