Made With Natural & Organic Materials


When you compare a Peace Lily Mattress against other memory foam, gel, synthetic foam or traditional coil-spring mattresses, the differences are clear. We craft our ultra-premium, green latex mattresses from natural and organic materials without toxic industrial chemicals and without petroleum-based polyurethane foams. The result? An all natural latex mattress that provides a healthy, luxurious night's sleep and a greener environment.

Natural Rubber Latex

Peace Lily mattresses feature 100% natural Dunlop latex rubber foam, made from sustainably harvested sources. It's an eco-friendly, high-performance material, offering resilience, durability, and temperature control that far exceeds synthetic, blended or petroleum-based polyurethane foams.

natural materials mattress

Natural Latex Glue

Our mattress is made entirely from natural materials. Even down to the glue that is used to bind each of the three mattress layers together. We use natural latex to create a unique latex glue that is not only adhesive but also free from chemical flame retardants. Making our Peace Lily latex mattress one of the most natural mattresses in the world.

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Organic Cotton

Our luxurious, handmade mattress covers are made with premium, organic cotton — one of the softest, most breathable, and most comfortable fabrics available. It's cool and wicks moisture.

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Peace Lily Mattress

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Peace Lily Adjustable Bed

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