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Top-rated sleep! 3-time winner of the Best Latex Mattress in a Box award by Bedbuyer, and now our new Hybrid Mattress wins Best Hybrid Mattress Award – We stand as the only brand to achieve top honors in both prestigious categories across Australia. Now, we're thrilled to bring our unparalleled natural comfort to New Zealand.

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Dive into the world of latex comfort and support. Selecting the ideal latex mattress is a pivotal decision, and we're here to illuminate the path for you. Experience the pinnacle of luxury with our two meticulously crafted latex options.

Peace Lily Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress

Made with 100% natural latex, meticulously created from pure and organic ingredients for assured safety and longevity. It offers sustainable materials, premium support, pressure relief, and unbeatable comfort for an exceptional sleep.

Peace Lily Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid Mattress

Combining 100% natural latex and cutting-edge pocket springs, our hybrid mattress offers an eco-friendly, deluxe sleep. With reinforced edges and a firm latex border, enjoy an eco-safe, top-notch sleep without breaking the bank.

Complete Your Sleep Set

Peace Lily Adjustable Bed


Fully adjustable for sleep and more

Peace Lily Mattress Topper


Elevate the comfort of your mattress

Peace Lily Pillows


Perfect neck support all night

Peace Lily Mattress Protector


Natural protection with organic cotton

Sustainable Sleep

Sustainable Sleep

Peace Lily is committed to providing sustainable sleep solutions. Beyond offering natural products, we focus on preserving biodiversity and ensuring ethical production practices. Our dedication extends to enhancing the quality of life for local communities and reducing our environmental impact. Choose Peace Lily for eco-friendly products that support both your well-being and the planet.

Why Choose a Latex Mattress

Our natural latex mattresses are so sought after because they are posture supportive, naturally cooling, sustainable, and durable, providing you with a restful night's sleep.

They're non-toxic, compared to memory foams, free from flame retardants, and naturally resistant to mould, mildew, and mites.

Unlike memory foam and polyurethane foam mattresses, latex's open cell structure makes it naturally breathable, keeping it cool. Natural latex is also sag resistant, which is why we can offer an unbeatable 25 year warranty.

Comfortable mattress


Non-Toxic mattress


Cool mattress


Antimicrobial mattress


Sustainable mattress


Durable mattress


Peace Lily Latex Mattress

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Peace Lily Latex Mattress

25 Year Warranty
Natural Materials
Sustainable Supply Chain
Adjustable Firmness
No Harmful Off‑gassing
Price (Queen)
$899 - $2,000
$1,500 - $7,000
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Peace Lily Reviews

The Perfect Package
I received my mattress, topper and pillows in early August. Firstly, I was so impressed how beautifully everything had been packaged so carefully with swathes of protective material and beautiful strong boxes for the journey from Victoria to Perth. Since sleeping with my Peace Lily package I couldn't be happier. My bed is super comfortable and I love my pillows. So glad and completely satisfied that I chose Peace Lily knowing that all the materials are 100% natural. I feel I have made a great choice in Peace Lily. Thank you!
Love, love, love my new mattress!
A massive thanks to the amazing team at Peace Lily for taking my sleep to a whole new level. I've had my new mattress for about a month and soooo happy with the luxury quality and the highest of standards it's been manufactured too. The double-sided firm and medium options are genius, and knowing you're sleeping on a mattress that's free from toxins and petro-based foams, means it's absolutely worth the investment! Totally 110% recommended!
Dave and Sarah
So comfy! Highly recommend!
I originally bought an Ergoflex mattress 4 years ago and have found it too firm on my back as a side/stomach sleeper. So instead of buying a whole new mattress I thought I should buy the Peace Lily mattress topper and see how it goes. It has made a HUGE difference and really softened the mattress up. It has also cooled down the ergoflex which I was finding a heats up a little. Also Peace Lily uses high-quality materials and I like that it is low toxic and natural. Very happy with purchase.
Best thing I ever did
I have just spent the weekend at our holiday house the first time after purchasing the Mattress Topper. I enjoy a firm sleep but another brand ‘Orthopaedic’ mattress I had purchased for the beds has proven just too hard and uncomfortable. The addition of the topper allowed us to have not only a restful sleep but perhaps one of the most comfortable I’ve ever had. I’ll be ordering more for our other beds and for my parents and will purchase the mattress next. Thank you!
Very comfortable and supportive! Best pillow I've tried.
Exceeded expectations!
We purchased the Peace Lily Queen adjustable bed for my mother who has chronic digestive issues. I am happy to report that only after two weeks of use and sleeping at the incline that she requires, her symptoms have eased. We are extremely happy with the quality of the bed base and it was a breeze to set up. Olivia from customer service was a pleasure to deal with throughout the buying process and I am grateful for her patience in answering multiple questions from me. Thank you Peace Lily, we are so happy with the purchase!

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