Don't Guess Your Mattress Size: Measure Your Mattress Properly

Measuring a mattress may seem like a simple task, but it's essential to do it accurately to ensure a proper fit for bed frames, mattress protectors, and bed sheets or claim your warranty. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of measuring your mattress, including instructions on determining its length, width, and depth.

The most common mattress size in New Zealand is the Queen size, which measures approximately 153 cm x 203 cm (60" x 80"). Here are all the mattress sizes in New Zealand:

Mattress Size

Dimensions (Width x Length)


92 cm x 188 cm

Long Single

92 cm x 203 cm

King Single

107 cm x 203 cm


138 cm x 188 cm


153 cm x 203 cm


168 cm x 203 cm

Super King

183 cm x 203 cm

Please note that these dimensions are approximate and can vary slightly between different manufacturers and models of mattresses.

Did you know that after , you may notice slight size variations? This is normal, as mattresses in a box take around 30 days to fully decompress and settle into their original shape. During this time, the mattress may be 2 to 4 cm smaller or larger due to the organic cotton covers and latex expanding naturally. That's why a 30-day waiting period is necessary before considering warranty claims for size discrepancies

Before starting, Gather the necessary tools:

  • Measuring tape: Ensure it's long enough to cover the entire length and width of your mattress.
  • Notepad: Use this to record your measurements and avoid confusion.
  • Pen or pencil: Write down the dimensions as you measure.
  • A friend or family member (optional): They can help hold one end of the measuring tape, especially when measuring large mattresses

It's important to keep in mind that organic mattresses, such as our natural latex mattress made by Peace Lily, are crafted with natural materials that may have slight variations in size. As a result, there may be slight differences in the measurements of the mattress. Please be aware that our measurements have a 2 cm allowance from the tapered edge, ensuring that your mattress will fit snugly and comfortably in your bed frame or foundation.

Measure the Mattress size

This step can quickly become challenging if you attempt to measure a queen-size or king-size mattress. Even for other sizes, you risk losing precision.

  1. With the help of another person (if available), position the tape measure at the center of the head of the mattress, ensuring it's aligned with the edge where the mattress starts.
  2. Measure from the head to the foot of the mattress, keeping the tape measure aligned with the mattress edges.
  3. Repeat these steps to measure the width of the mattress from one side to the other.
How to measure the Mattress size

Measure the Mattress Thickness (Depth)

Also referred to as height, mattress thickness is the depth of your mattress, which often consists of multiple layers depending on the type of mattress.

  1. Position the tape measure at the center of one side of the mattress, between the bottom edge and the mattress material.
  2. Measure from the bottom edge to the top edge, stopping at the point where the mattress material begins.
Messure mattress thickness

Measure the Mattress size for the warranty

If you're reading this section, it's likely that you're disappointed or experiencing an issue with your mattress. Don't worry, with the information provided below, you'll have all the necessary details to determine if your mattress has a problem and how to submit a warranty claim.

At Peace Lily, due to the high quality of our natural latex mattresses, we offer a warranty of over 25 years, compared to other mattresses that often come with only a 10-year warranty because they are not organic or use synthetic materials.

Generally the mattress warranty covers defects such as visible indentations equal to or greater than 4/5 cm (1.5/2") that aren't caused by an unsuitable or poorly constructed foundation. The indentation should be visible to the naked eye without any weight on the mattress.

To measure the depth of sagging accurately

Before starting, place the mattress on the floor or a solid platform bed frame for accurate measurement (avoid using slats, a foundation, or box spring to prevent inaccuracies).

  1. Place a straight edge on the bed, like a yardstick or broomstick.
  2. Use a ruler or tape to measure the distance between the straight edge and the deepest indentation (avoid stitching to ensure that measurements will be accurate).
  3. If the difference exceeds 4cm, take a photo as evidence.
To measure the depth of sagging accurately

It may seem complicated, which is why you can find the complete information with illustrations in this PDF document. If you have any issues, feel free to contact our support team or visit the FAQ page about Peace Lily Mattress. They will be delighted to assist you via phone at 09 802 0219 or email

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