From Toddler Bed to a Peace Lily Big Girl Bed

From Toddler Bed to a Peace Lily Big Girl Bed

Stephanie Cleaver is no stranger to sustainable practices. As the owner of Little Big Learning, starting her Montessori inspired products was rooted in being environmentally conscious. In her own words, it is critical to put the earth before profits. Steph takes inspiration from her family in ranging high-quality goods that will last for generations.

When it came time for her daughter to move from a toddler sized to a bigger bed, Steph turned to Peace Lily. The brand was already very familiar to her having done her research in the past and owning two mattresses for her home. But the choice for a mattress was even more special this time around due to the transition being a milestone for Miss H. Steph explains in this video why she chose Peace Lily.

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