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Shipping Delay Updates


Latest Update 

Tuesday 07 September 10:28AM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager): 

Dear valued customers,

We understand that due to various levels of lockdown around New Zealand that many orders have been delayed. We are working with Star Moving and NZ Couriers our major delivery partners to have your order delivered as fast as possible. Some areas only allow essential items and whilst our goods fall into this category, many of the drivers have been unable to operate under the current restrictions due to lack of overall volume. 

We are actively seeking to hire additional resources to fast track the process and appreciate your patience. If you have major concerns, please reach out to us but we consider every single order as top priority and hope to have updated ETAs within 48 hours.

Chris Bellesini
Logistics Manager

Tuesday 24 August 09:49AM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager): 

We rushed the orders out the door best we could with looming lockdowns and awaiting orders will fall into two categories. 

If you have received a tracking number then your order has been collected from our warehouse and being sorted at local depots. Please call that carrier (Star Moving, Bascik or NZ Couriers) for an update. Our internal customer service team would have to do this on your behalf so you will get a far quicker answer by going to the source.

If you are yet to receive your tracking number your items are still in Auckland and got caught up in the lockdown last week. They are ready to go and we are currently working through Covid safe plans with our partners to have them picked up and delivered in the fastest time under these circumstances. Until you receive an email with your tracking number your order has not left yet. Once it leaves you will be able to contact the carrier per the above instructions.

Thanks for your patience as we just can’t catch a break but believe us when we say we are throwing resources behind getting your order to you as soon as possible in a safe and responsible way.


Thanks again
Logistics Manager


Wednesday 18 August 10:32AM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager): 

Will the snap lockdown announced by the NZ government affect your order? This is what we know so far.   

Non Mattress Orders - via NZ Couriers: Orders still to be despatched today, no delays expected at this stage subject to delivery rules by government. 

South Island - via Bascik: Orders still to be despatched today, no delays expected at this stage as it takes time to travel to South island and be sorted at local depots subject to delivery rules by government.

North Island - via Star Moving: Looking into putting skeleton staff on to process our orders as mattresses are considered essential. There may be a day or 2 delay but we are working through a Covid safe solution and expect minimal disruption. 

Auckland - via Goddards: Hoping to be able to deliver back end of the week but seeking urgent clarification from government on the rules.

Tuesday 17 August 09:19AM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager): 

The container is being unloaded today and all orders to be despatched within 48 hours. Tracking details will be sent to customers by the Goddards warehouse. Please note they are focusing on getting the goods on the road first so the email may be slightly delayed. 

Friday 13 August 10:10AM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager): 

The container is now just waiting for discharge at the point before being released to Goddards, all the paperwork is ready however we are at the mercy of where the container was placed on the ship, which is random. We are hopeful but the container may not be released today as planned. We continue to have all systems in place for quick despatch but it looks like our orders will not be despatched until next week.

Wednesday 11 August 9:26AM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager): 

Here is a further update from Sneddens:

Thank you for your patience. We are still on top of this and ensuring goods are promptly despatched when they arrive into the warehouse. 

Friday 06 August 4:27PM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager): 

To our dear customers, our logistics partner has confirmed they are still on track to meet the ETA provided in our last update on the 28th of July. 

We will continue to post weekly updates here. 

Wednesday 28 July 10:49AM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager):

Please see the latest update from our logistics partner.


Wednesday 21 July 9:30AM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager):

Please see the latest update from our logistics partner.

Wednesday 14 July 9:35AM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager):

Please see the latest update from our logistics partner regarding the movement of our container.

Thursday 08 July 2:43PM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager):

We have been advised by our logistic partner the ETA should be around 05/08/21. However, this will also depend on connections at transshipment ports. We will keep you posted on further developments. 

Friday 02 July 12:27PM (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager):

Please see the update from our logistics partner regarding orders that have been impacted by delays. This has been communicated to customers via newsletter. 

Check back on this page for further updates in the coming weeks. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.