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Shipping Delay Updates


Latest Update

Monday 10th May 1:03pm (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager):
We have spoken to Snedden’s transport this morning and the good news is that they have been successful in fast tracking our container. We expect it to be unloaded and booked with our various freight companies to be dispatched no later than Thursday this week.

Non Mattress Orders - Toppers and Pillows: NZ Couriers
Auckland Orders: Goddards
North Island: Star Moving
South Island: Bascik Transport

There may be further updates so please check back here on Thursday afternoon if you have not received your dispatch email by then

Friday 7th May 2:13pm (Chris Bellesini - Logistics Manager):
Peacelily has spoken to Snedden's transport on the status of their shipping container. At this stage it is still in a queue and expected to arrive in 2 to 3 weeks, but we are attempting to have it fast tracked to early next week. Further updates to be posted here on Monday afternoon.